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Star Rogue - Sci-Fi Roguelike Platformer

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Star Rogue is an upcoming sci-fi roguelike platformer for PC, Linux and Mac.
In this challenging pixel indie game you will take control over a brave space marine to investigate an abandoned space station full of traps, robots and aliens. In each playthrough you will encounter a different environment full of randomly arranged rooms. With the choice between several weapons, abilites and different items, your playing experience will be unique each time you play.
  • Choose between several looks, specialisations, skills and weapons
  • Different worlds with randomly arranged rooms full of obstacles and traps
  • Over 100 different passive and active items
  • Different background stories to give you a motivation
  • Lots of enemies and bosses to defeat
  • Many unlocks for all the collectors out there



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Patch v0.41
Hello everyone, 
This patch introduces lil buddies, which are small friendly flying suicide robots, wall jump behaviour, new items, animation improvements and other smaller game polishing changes:
- lil buddies: which are small friendly robots which are flying near the player and once
  an enemy is close, they fly towards it and explode. they share other buddy item upgrades
- new sprite/graphic when player is near a wall and able to wall jump
- dust cloud animation, when player jumps or slides down next to a wall
- error sound when you use a slot machine but don't have enough money/health
- sound for the items regenerate, nanobots and credit generator when they trigger
- boss laser beam sound
- new item: shows you the shop and boss room on the minimap
- new item: your laser projectiles move in sine waves
- new item: chance your lasers create laser bursts
- new item: get temporary dmg for each dmg taken per room
- new item: your buddies are immune to enemy projectiles
- new item: spawns six lil buddies
- new item: chance to spawn a lil buddy each room
- new item: chance destroyed enemies spawn a lil buddy
- new item: player laser evading walls and changes direction in a right angle before touching it
- new item: gives you a random item
- new item: your ability cooldown time is halfed
- new item: shows you all rooms on the minimap
- player moves slower downwards when he slides down next to a wall
- reduced item spawn probability of the two hearts/shields spawning items from destroyed enemies
- more noticable and different sounds when taking damage
- updated graphic of buddy speed item and buddy laser speed item
- increased text popup display time a bit
- streamlined programming code in the background for more consistency
- grenade launcher and shooting through walls item now work together
- renamed Shield to Armor
- reduced sniper laser lifetime
- made fire, gas and saw collision a bit smaller
fixed bugs:
- rare game crash with ability active aura
- buddies were not damaged by all enemy projectile types
- the items regenerate, nanobots and credit generator were not working for player 2
- in some rooms spikes had bigger collision size than spike sprite
- shield of shield enemies could sometimes remain when the owner was destroyed 

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