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Looking to build a team (maybe?) - Python/Javascript/Web Dev

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I am long been working on a game of mine. And, I am not even sure this is the right place to be advertising it since it is much more of a web application than a typical game ...

And, even as I write, I am not sure the right person is out there to join me.

Regardless, I would be interested to see if there are any people out there with good Python and/or JavaScript skills willing to join me. Or, perhaps graphics

As I said, the game engine is much more of a web application. It is a Python powered backend serving up JSON to a custom built Javascript front end.

The game? Here is a description from an OLD listing of mine:


Ultimate Diplomacy (UltDip) is a game set in the medieval world of European kings. Players each take one of 7-13 different dynasties, and must work with and against their rivals as they fight to expand their control.

Players must balance their dynasty by raising tax revenues they receive from their lands, work with other dynasties in creating beneficial marriages of their family line, create alliances, trade with others to establish economic power, garner influence within the clergy, and recruit military forces all in the aspiration of conquering Europe.

This game was purposely designed very open-ended so that players could modify the basic rules and guidelines so that they may utilize their creativity.


Who am I looking for?

Someone that cares about building a community. Someone that is has skills in python, javascript, web development, or graphic design. I am happy to bring people onto the team, but I need to believe that they are willing to push this forward with me. 

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Hey I might be interested in this, just one question, is this going to be a text based game? or is it closers to age of emipire?


Skills: programming(c++, C#,Python, Javascript, NodeJS, ThreeJS, HTML5, CSS, Cordova)

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Hi, I have done project similar before. I used python to create http server that sends http pages over sokcet at the backend. It was mail website at the client side. However it was based on python, html bootstrap and sql (mysql). About me, I am 2 year techinal college grad who looking for building up some experience and I believe I can contribute to yor project. Let me know if are still looking for people to join; email: or you can pm. Thanks, Burak.

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