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MidNight Cemetery [HTML5][Android][Windows][Linux]

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Hey guys, this is not my first game but it is my first point&click adventure creation!


It is a short dark themed first-person inventory adventure that reminds a little bit of Barrow Hill and DarkFall series...

You explore an abandoned cemetery in search of your brother. It is a dark and rainy night...

There are three different possible endings depending on your choices during your exploration.


You can play for free on your browser here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Maloke/midnight-cemetery

or if you prefer to download the APK for Android or Windows/Linux versions here:https://maloke.itch.io/midnightcemetery



Here is a video/walkthrough of the game for one of these endings:






[attachment=36190:ScreenShot_Ritual.png] [attachment=36192:ScreenShot04.png]



Please, send me feedbacks so I can get better results for the players!

Thanks very much!!


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