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[ Deco Online ] Looking For Team

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Hello there. I have decided that I really do want to get back into Deco Online Server Making.

I am looking to put together a team To Complete development on a server ASAP. While I am in a hurry to put a team together, I am not in a hurry to "Slap a Server Together". I firmly believe you have Once chance to make a impression on players. It is critical that the proper development process is followed to ensure a great end product.

My current server done already about 70%

Here is what I am Looking for in a Team member


  1. Must have Prior Dev Experience with Develop Game Server.
  2. Must have Prior C++ and know how to do Reverse Engineering
  3. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. Must have Skype

Please PM me on these forums, or Skype : Legend_Stormy

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