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Little Stories

Space Warfare - Casual Strategy

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Space Warfare

Link to the prototype (WebGL) http://spacewarfare.littlestories.ru/
About the game
Space Warfare is a strategic game in which the player is assigned the role of a resource builder and factories on the planets. Fights with the enemy occur automatically, as well as building and moving ships.
There are 4 types of factories in the game.
1. Plant for the construction of frigates. Frigate - the simplest and fastest ship
2. Plant for the construction of cruisers. The cruiser is a medium-strong ship.
3. Plant for the construction of battleships. Battleship - the most powerful ship, is being built for a long time, it can easily destroy frigates.
4. Factory for the production of star bases. Star bases is not a moving fortification unit, one is being built on the planet, in case of its destruction, a new fortress is immediately being built.
With the player removed the construction of units and control of the battle, the player can focus only on building and improving plants, extracting resources.
Large-scale battles and troop movements, involving hundreds of units.




Latest video


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Hi, I make indie game reviews on youtube, do you think this game would be good to review?

-Game Designers Hub

GDH Gameplay on youtube

Hi. Oh sure :) But it's better to wait until the whole graphics is set. I can write to you in private messages when it's ready.

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We plan to make skills:
1. Acceleration + 50% movement speed
2. Attack + 50%
3. Protection + 50%
4. The capture of planets by two ships
5. Acceleration of building units + 25%
6. Disruption of combat stations
Activation of skills - paid for resources + cooldown

If you have ideas, offer your skills

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