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Gang of Heroes. New MMO Action Platformer.

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Name: Gang of Heroes 
Team: Magatoy 
Engine: Unity 
OS: Android, IOS (in future). 
Genre: MMO 2D action-platformer 

Somewhere in Middleworld, “Worlds Development Inc.”.

-So, Dear Gods, today we must to discuss very important question: How to make our boring everyday life more interesting?

- Hey! I have one excellent idea!

- No, Ares, No! Your last idea was very expensive for our corporation! One of the most beautiful worlds was almost destroyed by you and your ideas! I. SAD. NO. That`s enough!

- Well… I think, I can make an interesting proposal…

- We listen to you, Atum.

- We will create a TV-Show. Yes, сolleagues, you did not misinterpret. The Divine TV-show, like a Games. We will find in all our worlds a most powerfull heroes and will force to fight on arenas for our Will and Glory! The Grand Prize will be the return home. It will be announced like:

                “Welcome to the game Gang of Heroes, MMO 2D action-platformer, inspired by the world-famous street game "King of the Hill". Fight with opponents alone and shoulder to shoulder with brothers in arms, seize the portals, gain experience, money and glory, become stronger with each fight, become the Champion and get a chance to return home! "

I guarantee that the ratings of this show will skyrocket after the first battle!

-Well, that's very interesting." Write down, Hermes, you will take it to the Leader of the Demiurge, let them do it, otherwise they are completely lazy. Colleagues, did you see their last creation? It's just awful!


A mounth later

First week.

Report on the work done. During the reporting period, the following very significant work was done by the team of Junior Demiurgees of seven units. Namely:

During the first week we built a dressing room for heroes, a qualifying Arena and developed the basic toolkit for heroes. This top of our skill has absorbed the best knowledge and practice in the field of design, ergonomics and engineering solutions.




Second week


During the second week of preparations we found the first participants - these are the strongest of the strongest and the first of the first! Yes, I have to admit that their appearance is far from ideal ideas of the respected Board of Directors about the ideal hero, however, believe me, they are worth the money spent on them!



Third week.

During  the third week experts of the Department of Punk were prepared and tested special crystals that strengthen or weaken the fighters when they touch them. In accordance with all laws of meanness, these crystals are packed in the same boxes, so that the Heroes could not know in advance what exactly is behind the crystal there. It will bring a fascinating element of surprise in the battles!


Fourth week


During the fourth week, we prepared prizes and awards for the heroes. We began preparations for the first test battles, construction of a new arena and approved design projects for two more arenas.





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