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Make an animation from a spritesheet [Javascript plugin]

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I'm working on a web based game and using the ImpactJS game engine which is pretty low level. I found it tedious for web engines to have to enter the frame of the animations I wanted to use each time and even had to go so far as to calculate the correct frame (if my spritesheets were large!)

I created PlaybackJS as part of a bigger set of web-based tools for making web games. It is compatible with jQuery and has support for firing events in vanilla javascript too.

  • Initialize with an existing image object with options property imgPtr
  • Or initialize with an image from the web with options property imgSrc
  • Dynamically change replay speed
  • Step forward or backward through the frames
  • Has math utility functions to calculate the cell rectangle and frame index from the mouse click
  • Replays on a target canvas object-- you can blit this image data directly into your 2D games with little extra work

Click here to read more of the plugins features.

Now you can make animations easier. Please star, fork, and share!

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