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Castleparts, a new Rampart inspired indie game

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Hey there!
I'd like to announce the release of my latest game Castleparts for iOS and Android. It's also currently on Steam Greenlight.
Castleparts is a spiritual successor to the classic game Rampart for arcade and NES. I've added lots of new features such as new game modes, playable characters with different spells, and online multiplayer. It also has an amazing chiptunes inspired soundtrack.
I've streamlined the gameplay and made it work well for a mobile interface. Instead of discrete build and shoot phases, you can build, shoot, and cast spells at any time. Doing actions costs energy which recharges over time, and you can improve your energy regeneration by building walls around the crystals on the map.
" title="External link">Check out the trailer
Here are some images for the game:
Thanks for taking a look! For more information please follow me on Twitter @pixelpocalypsed
If you like the game, please Vote for it on Steam Greenlight. I could really use the help  ;D

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