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Own Game Engine Development - Wanted Editor & UI & Tools & Generalist Programmer

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Hello Everybody,

Our professional experienced hobby team (5 active members) is looking for Volunteers to take a seat in the development of a next generation C++ 3D Game Engine.

The minimum requirement is to have passion about games/game engine programming.

The Engine:

- Cross Platform & Clean Code Design ( For now we only want to aim PC & Console )

- Fully Customizable Graph Based DirectX12 Graphics Engine, (PBR is in progress)

- Own Editor + UI system + Math library

- (Will be) multithreaded with Job Based System like in Uncharted 4's engine

Roles we are looking for now: (Later will be more)
- Editor & UI & Tools Programmer

- Generalist Programmer

Picture from the current early state of the editor:

Source code: https://github.com/petiaccja/Inline-Engine

If you have the passion to build game engines / games write an e - mail to: InlineEngine@gmail.com

Edited by Inline Engine

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