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I’m a french developper and I made with a friend 3 arcade games during the Addon Game Jam to learn how to develop with the Tobii EyeX. (you don't need eyetracker if you have a mouse to move your cursor)

Eyecade contains:

  - Eye Pong: a Pong game where one of the two players have to track the ball with his eyes to make it visible
  - Eye Brick: an Arkanoid game where the first player must watch the bricks with his eyes so that the second does not break them
  - Eye Smoke: a single player game where you have to destroy mobs caused by smoking in the lungs by turning one of the three propellers with your eyes



So, if you want to test/play my games, enjoy !

The sources of this project are here.

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Bonjour ! Interesting and original project. I like the retro vibe and the 3rd title has a soul. I hate smoking ! Note that your first screenshot is broken.

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