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Getting Your Games Noticed

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The hardest part of indie game development after getting started and making a game, is getting your game noticed so people will play it. I am playing indie games on youtube, I don't get many views right now, but I would love to help by playing your games and posting them. I learn a lot about game design by playing indie games and reviewing them, so lets help each other out! Point me to games to play, and I'll help you get your games seen. :)

-Game Designer Hub

on youtube, my channel is GDH Gameplay.

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Hey Game Designer Hub, My name is Finley!

Over the past year and a half I learned to code and created my first game, Emojis in Space.

I coded it in Flash with AS3, and released it ~2 months ago to Android, iOS, and Desktop. Since then, I have had a tough time getting any exposure at all.

If you're really up to it, I'd be honored for you to play my game! ^_^


- Game URLs - 



Let me know if you have any questions,


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We think Maearth is currently stable enough and the FPS and latency is good enough to be reviewed now. We would be delighted if you played and made a video review. 

Bear in mind MaEarth is currently in Beta so any bugs/features may get fixed and/or implemented in the short future.

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