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German Hobby Project "Pentaquin" (2D-PixelArt MMORPG)

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Hello Gamedev-Community!

I'd like to show you our German Hobby Project "Pentaquin". Pentaquin is the current project of Terrovania Productions, a small group consisting of German students who want to develop their own MMORPG during their free-time. 

Since we are a hobby project with limited time capabilities we're constantly looking for more Hobby-Gamedevs who want to work on our project.

Please notice that our team only speaks German!

We're looking for developers in the following departments: 

  • Frontend (Client) Java Programmierer
  • Backend (Server) Java Programmierer
  • Server-Administration (Linux)
  • Graphics (2D PixelArt, Animation, ConceptArt)
  • UI-Designer
  • GameDesigner (Level-& System-Designer)
  • Content- & Story Writer

Apply here:


more information about our job postings:

Do you want to learn more about Pentaquin? Visit our website: www.pentaquin.com 


Best regards


Christian Schaal
Pentaquin Team-lead 

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