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Looking for 3D artists

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We are a team of young game developers and are currently working on a new MMORPG. We are searching for more people to join us and work with us.


We are looking for a 3D artist (modeler/texturer/animator – take your pick). Our  plans are to make a low-mid poly game with stylized graphics. As we are planning to do an open-world MMORPG, we need a number of artists with different skillsets ranging from weapons and enviornment to characters and architecture, but texture makers, character designers and animators are currently on the most-wanted list. Our work is already in progress, so we need people who would be willing to jump right in and offer a helping hand, but we also provide a more "free-spirited" work opportunity, meaning that there won't be any preasure or tight deadlines until we can gurantee you some profit.



The title of the game has not been decided yet, but what we do know is that it's gonna be a 3rd person medieval MMORPG, loosely based on Avatar The Last Airbender anime. There will be 4 factions in the game: Fire, Water, Ground and Air and they are going to wage a war. Each of the elements will have it's own classes. It's gonna be mostly pvp based and the main objective will be to control as much area of the map as you pissibly can, but there is also going to be enough PvE action with story-based quests and dungeons to clear for the »classic« MMORPG players.


 I can't spill too many beans right now, but if you are interested in more info you are welcome to contact me.


All of the guys in the team are working for free in their spare time, but our goal is to make this a paid job and the compensation will most definitely be fair for everyone.





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