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CUBERUS [PC&mobile]

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Hello everyone,
I want to introduce my game project Cuberus.


A little about the story:

The main character is a blue knight who returns to the castle behind his wife.
On his way home he finds out that the castle has been invaded.
This is how the adventure begins.

  • Nice game environment
  • Great and simple gameplay
  • Simple but catchy graphics
  • Story
  • 6 kinds of enemies
  • 3 bosses 
  • God of cuberus (main boss)
  • Different types of weapons
  • Fun traps
  • PC and Mobile version.
  • More updates in the future

If you donate, you get early access to the PC and mobile version (windows&android). You will be enrolled in game credits.

All information on the web: www.cuberus.eu clear.png

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I like the neo-retro graphics but I was confused by the part about the castle and wife. Behind ?! You should also explain the gameplay but I'm excited by some of its elements. It looks like some sort of tower defense. Good luck knight of the coding realm !

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