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A Simulation Game

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So I have an idea for a game. My Summer Car like game. just asking help to get started using unity3d.
yeah. I am new here and noob to programming.

i would like to learn js and C#.
if someone would like to help it would be awesome.
A Life simulation game im having in my mind,
the game is like a openworld car game.
you have your own home in it, a store, little village.
and a car (you don't have to build it) ready to use.

you got a hunger and thirst bar over the hud.
a gear meter for driving the car and stuff like that.
if somebody would like to join this project...

Then add me on skype: swagstorma
I tell there more.

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I have added you on skype, I would like to help you with your game so that you can learn c# too :D





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