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DirectX9 vs DirectX11 performance for video processing

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goto realQuestion;

Hi! I spent many hours over various days searching for tutorials and examples of windows media foundation using the GPU. I found working examples only using Dx9(DXVA-HD and d3d9.h)
Folder of sample says it is windows 7, Visual Studio says it is for windows 8.1, I changed it to 10.0.14393.0, no headers got reloaded, I ignored all errors and it works as a charm...should I care?!
My personal situation is that I need to interface some of the APIs of Windows through C++. I don't wanna learn C++, I just wanna make it call the API from the dll-C++ and turn back the result to exe-C# where I am feeling more comfortable(after all work is done, not real-time/often dll-exe communication). It is about time! I have not time to dive deep into C++. I don't want to repeat the error with ASM. I almost built an OS in ASM and now I can't find a job with it- total loss of time.
My approach is: before starting to learn from some source code, first I choice the proper implementation/technology and test if the source code works. I found samples and even a short book about Dx9 but nothing implementing Dx11 for me to be able to use(i need a classic console application, not for the store, not for the cloud, not JS/HTML)


I need to know if video decoding involves some processes that would go faster when DirectX11 is used over DirectX9. As far as I understand all that DirectX stuff to the moment, depending of the problem to solve, maybe sometimes it doesn't matter if the latest version of DirectX is used. If I talk from the same program to the GPU using Dx9 concurrently with Dx12, would this suppose a performance problem? I guess driver will handle it with no problem, but I have to ask to be sure.

If there is a difference between the performances(for video decoding), how big is it?


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