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moeen k

Unity use google play services to save certain type of proggress

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moeen k    1432


I'm working on a game on unity that has levels. in every level player can collect coins and he or she can buy coins by IAB.

I want to be able to save coins that collected in every level and summation of coins in all levels and those bought via IAB. when some new power bought, value of that will be subtracted from it.

I want to know is it to be implemented on google services or I have to calculate all and send the last data too google cloud. I think its easy to cheat to let client calculate all of it.


thank you for helping. 

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frob    44973

Anything stored or processed locally can be easily hacked.

You can validate items purchased through the stores rather easily, but when you're mixing those points with points generated locally then you'll still be easily hacked.

Even if it is entirely on the server, someone who knows what they are doing can modify the apk file, replace the system calls with their own calls, and have their calls declare that all the online purchases are valid.


For a simple hobby game this usually isn't worth bothering about.  The time and cost to try to make a solution (which only works part of the time) is far greater than the money you will lose from attackers.

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