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What are design options for multiplayer skill tree and attribute systems

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I tried to Google this without much luck.  Is there a common design for attribute and skill-point allocations akin to Diablo 2/3? 

I have a few primary concerns..

Skills may require a certain level or other skills to be unlocked first

Storing the point allocations to a database (serialize to a file/string?)

Networking the attributes & skill tree to a client (network over the same serialized data used in storage?)

Dynamics.. the design shouldn't require hard-coding of attributes/skills, so that I can add, remove, and access attributes or skills with ease

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I I love skill tree systems, I love coding them out because I always end up trying to add in alot more mechanics than just the norm. What I usually start with making some skills , every skill gets 5 lvlups then you can do either mechanic where once youve gotten all 5 you can learn the next skill and put 5 points into that for the next and so on. It might take a while to make but taking some shortcuts can help speed things along the way. Like I usually try to make it so that one line of code effectively raises or lowers the visual level of the ability.
- Every level up all attached particlesystem.emission += addScaledEmission(skillLvl, ect, ectect);
- Ditto but reverse if u wanna remove it.
then add something to change it physically along visually.
- Lvlup>effector2D.range += addSkillRange;
Then itll start to feel right after some tweaking, then boom the more skills you make altomatically scale up the tree your designing. then you add them into the scene, which can be done via code also😇
At this point I start experimenting with mechanics that I can add in to make the tree feel more emersive and vast.
If I wanna add weird stuff like, "this skill can only lvl up when these 2 other skills get to x lvl", I can.

Was that what you were looking for or did you want actual scripts? What engine are you planning on designing with? this might not work with other engines or who knows maybe my way isnt the best 🤗

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