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a 3D geometry library for C# that supports double precision?

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Hey does anyone know of a library for C# that lets me do transformations on 3D points where everything is doubles not floats?

Currently I'm using XNA/Monogame which has what I need but only for floats. I need things like vector.Transform(Matrix), Matrix.CreateTranslation(...), Matrix.CreateFromAxisAngle(...) etc. -- the normal stuff. I dont need any graphics calls: this is for a receational math / researchy thing not a game. 

There is a library for C# called Math.Net Numerics and Math.Net Spatial but "Spatial" has like nothing in it. The numerics one will get me matrices but they didnt write all the convenience routines for the geometric interpretation of vectors and matrices as far as I can see. I am wondering if someone has this up on github somewhere on top of Math.Net but havent found anything.

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