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Project Ethereum Infinite Game

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I am a cryptocurrency trader / investor, fairly knowledgeable in that field. 

The current environment, especially regarding ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings) and DAO's (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) create massive opportunities in many areas. I believe gaming for cryptocurrencies will be at the forefront. It would creating a new, super-exciting arena for gaming, where players can legitimately earn money, exchangeable into dollars, for gaming. 

The game design would be less graphics intensive, less end-point constructed, more open flowing (like a MMORG rather than a Final Fantasy). Because of the DAO structure, the community would pick 'winners', who might get (in a round) 1 Bitcoin, with smaller prizes based on the games particular tokens occuring throughout. As tokes are fee to create, this would be a very novel approach to distibution of cryptos. The game could be targeted more towards the average user rather than the intense gamer (someone else can do that game).

I visualize non-violent game where you might have a writing contest (openly judged).

I need a team to help. Programmers (the game can be quite simple since the DAO will expand upon it, but it needs a strong static core which cannot be hacked). Prefer to use solidity.

I have a number of ideas on game mechanics, monetization, integration with the crypto environment, and storylines.

The potential for a lucrative game is very large because this is a new arena. The variables line up extremely favorably - you are issuing your own currency, then creating a demand for it to play the game and get more of it.






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