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Second Breath needs artist and translators-proofreaders!

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Hello, friends!

I am looking for an artist for my short visual novell. Named "Second breath". Artist with author style is very needed, just for example - something like Sanctum2 comics - and people after seeing it think "it's from that game". Or have a look at anime "Kaiji" - which has own unique style. Work is not so big - 2 main characters, 5-10 other statists.

Work on enthusiasm.

It is short linear kinetic VN named Second breath, modern setting. Need to draw people, people in actions, emotions, city, offices, parks, nature, and very important is the moment of seasons - winter, autumn, and weather "effects", and time as is - morning, evening, etc.

Originally written in Russian, it is fully finished now and needed to be translated and edited into some readeble english text. Well, all other languages are welcome... I can write in English on medium level and it is not enough for literature project so I need native english people who feel language good enough to call themselves "writers".

email me if you are interested-


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