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Tense Reflection - Puzzle/Action Shooter (DEMO)

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Hi ! This is my first post, and i want to introduce you to my very first game, Tense Reflection.

"Think. Solve. Shoot."

Tense Reflection is a puzzle/action shooter where you need to solve minimalist puzzles in order to reload your ammo, while the enemies are still moving towards you, making the puzzle solving  t e n s e.


The Gameplay is based on three panels :

> The Shooting Panel : This is where the enemies are coming, don't waste too many bullets as you will have to complete a puzzle to reload your ammo.

> The Mirror Panel : This is where you complete puzzles in order to reload your gun/apply change to its color. Make an energy charge pass trough three lenses before landing into the receiver. Seems simple ? We'll see about that !

> The Color Panel : This is where you select the color of your gun, it must match with the enemies one.


Here's the demo (PC) :










I would love to get some feedback ! :D

If you like the game and want to know when it will come out, please follow me on Twitter :

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