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C# SharpDX convert 3D coordinate to 2D

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I want to select my meshes with mouse on screen. I think I wiil need 2d coords of mesh vertices I use vector4 for it. Is there a simple way to do it ?


CoordinateConverter class

        public Vector2 Convert_3Dto2D(Vector3 position, Matrix viewProj, RenderForm_EX form)
            var project = Vector3.Project(position, 0, 0, form.ClientSize.Width, form.ClientSize.Height, 0, 1, viewProj);
            Console.WriteLine(project.X+" "+ project.Y);
            return new Vector2(project.X, project.Y);

Inside RenderLoop

if (MEListener.MouseDown)
   var viewProj = Matrix.Multiply(Meshes.MeshCollection[0].ViewLayer.Camera.getView(), proj);
   for (int _iV = 0; _iV < Meshes.MeshCollection[0].VertexData.Length; _iV++)
     CoordConverter.Convert_3Dto2D((Vector3)Meshes.MeshCollection[0].VertexData[_iV].Position + Meshes.MeshCollection[0].Position, viewProj, form);

I think I did it correct. When I move mesh I can get still correct result I think. But what happens if I rotate or scale mesh ?

For translation I do it like: 

So I +add Position of mesh

(Vector3)Meshes.MeshCollection[0].VertexData[_iV].Position + Meshes.MeshCollection[0].Position,...

What should I Do to get coorect results ?

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