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Looking for help with my unity platformer "Between Reflections"

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Hello and welcome!
    My name is Gabriel and as you probably figured out, I am looking to create a fast-paced Android platformer sort of game in Unity. What you need to know is that I am looking to see if my ideas hold water and ultimately prove I can make a good game. I am looking for anyone willing to help from programmers to artists and I am fully willing to share this project and listen to what others have to say.
    I don't have much experience in game making. My first project was made with a group of friends in Unity as an experiment ( game ) Since then I have been participating in small projects but never on a professional or leading level. I have my basic programming training in C++ and C# along with my interest in modelling: http:// (some of my work) and I can get around Unity relatively easily. As of game design knowledge, I like to think all the games and articles on the matter I consumed give me a basic understanding of the subject but help would  really be appreciated especially for Android games like this one. My weak points are definitely audio design ,concept art and UI.
The game
    Project code name "Between Reflections" as I nicknamed it is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds yet. The idea behind it is a runner on Android like many other games we saw before but the player has the ability to teleport at will ( like this  It was originally meant to be an infinite runner but since I decided to have modular finite levels organised on difficulties all build around an upgrade system. I was planning to use low poly art in a 2.5D style depicting some sort of cyberpunk city though the appearance of the game, as well as almost all of it's design, remain open to change as the project grows.
Your role
    Finally the part you are here for if you haven't left already. I am looking to collaborate with as many people around, exchange experience and generally have a good time. Even when I have most of the general ideas for the game down  I won't stop you from integrating your own ideas into it enough time we make a coherent experience at the end of the day. Speaking of actual work hours, I plan to spend a few hours daily tending to the game mainly as it's lead programmer (tho I wouldn't mind having someone who knows what they are doing in my place).If everything goes well I have most of the summer at my dispossal. I will also take care of the organising side of things and keep a constant stream of tasks going for anyone willing to do them. I could really use additional programmers, artists, level designers sound designers and animators.
The end


At the end of this road, I really hope I have something worth sharing and maybe even a cool team to come back to.You can come have a word with me right now on my little discord server or at my e-mail "". Whatever your decision thanks for reading and have a good day ^^

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What kind of team do you have, such as C# programming, I have two weeks left on my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science right now and would love to have a project that i could learn and grow with a team

Depending on where I find myself in a week I could get a good graphic designer and an experienced programmer on board. I also have a few potential level designers around. It all depends on finding the missing links, those being texture artists, audio designers, concepts artists and an animator.

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