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Project OV: Story-driven JRPG-esc with innovative gameplay looking for artists to bring it alive

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Hello everyone, my name is Joshua.

I'm looking for some dedicated and serious minded artists for a project of passion and future endeavors
To go ahead and get this out of the way, I don't mind paying for your time. Either by a flat fee, or by profit sharing. However, this project isn't meant to be a quick money grab, it is meant to start a strong IP that will continue on. Because of this, I can't in good conscience say that you will be paid well from this project. If the game is successful, you can expect to be called on again and with better returns.

About me, the project lead
I've been a gamer for over 20 years, and a developer for 5 of those years. I'm an avid player of many different genres of games from fps, rpg, to fighting games. However, the one genre that has pushed me into becoming a software engineer and has changed my life, are JRPGs. Like the FF series, Xenogears, Wild Arms, Chrono Trigger. Not only was the gameplay continuously improved past each game, but the stories became more and more enthralling.

I'm now developing my FF. The story is being written to not be small, or simple. The quality we are going for is what you would expect, if not better, than most of our nostalgic games from the past. The gameplay will also be improved and innovative. Bringing us back to what we liked about the previous games, but adding in new features to breath life back into them.

Although we have set our sights high, we know we will have to start from the bottom and build ourselves up. Because of this, our budget is small to nil.

About the game
The style of the game will be similar to that of 'I am Setsuna', in that it will be 2.5D-ish. Where the characters and world objects are in 3D, or in some cases 2D like foliage/trees. We would like to have a bit more details on character models, and aimed to be slightly more realistic than cutesy (although I am a fan, just not for this game.) It will also be a fixed camera, in that you'll always be looking in one direction, but following the player.

Although this will be a low-budget game, we don't plan on stopping here. Given the success of this game, we'll form a proper studio and start working on the next iteration.

However for now, here's what I'm looking for.

3D Artist (Character Models / Character Animation)
The 3D artist with this role will be given a description, background story, and current events the character is going through to help create the character's image. Although there may be some specific features the character should have, the artist will also have some freedom in how the characters look.

3D Artist (Environment Models)
The 3D artist with this role will work with story writers and level designers to create buildings, objects, or even foliage/trees to suite the needs of the scene. The artist will be given direction and must maintain a consistent style that also falls into the lore. Despite this, just like with the character modeler, this artists will have freedom in how these environment models look.

Level Designer 
The level designer will work closely with the developers and story writers to plan scene layouts and scene transitions. Since this game is heavily story driven, understanding the story and where it's going is very important to this role.

I'm a big believer in artist integrity. Artists will have the final say on the models they develop, so long as the models fit the world we are building.

I encourage you to contact me, even if you don't think you can completely fill these roles.

Our current team consists with a developer (myself), a composer/SFX, and a writer (myself and another). The current status of the project is still in early stages, however a basic combat system exists with a few other systems. We are pushing forward, even with so few members. This project will be finished, but I hope you'll join us in shaping what the game will be when it is.

Please contact me either by
PM here
email: felxaga@gmail.com
Skype: fel.joshua

I look forward to anyone who is interested.

Also, be sure to check out dev blogs, here's the first I made today showing the very wip combat system.

">Project OV - Dev blog 1

Best Regards,

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