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Updating & reading from an Array

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Hi guys,


I've created three classes "Players_DB", "Print_DB" & "Server" which has the main method in it.


I'm trying to populate the array with objects created from the Players_DB class, the Players_DB class contains variables that contain player information.

 Here's my server class

​package myPackage;
public class Server {

public static void main(String[] args) {

int Arr_Players_DB[] = new int [5]; //array object initialization

for (int i = 0; i < Arr_Players_DB.length ; i ++)
Arr_Players_DB[i] = -1; //Initialize array

for (int i = 0; i < Arr_Players_DB.length; i ++) // //populate array
Players_DB player = new Players_DB();
if (Arr_Players_DB[i] == -1)

Arr_Players_DB[i] = player;

Players_DB class


package myPackage;

public class Players_DB {

public Players_DB()//Constructor


public int player_id;
public String player_Username;
public String player_Password;
public int x_pos;
public int y_pos;
public int room_x;
public int room_y;


Im getting the error "cannot convert from Players_DB to int" at this line

Arr_Players_DB = player;


From what I understand I cant store a class object inside of an array ? 

I just want to reference the objects and use the array as a list so that I can go through it and then change what ever relevant code. No I won't be using this in a real world app, I'll be using sql, but I do want to know how to work with arrays. It also gives me a chance to learn java a bit more. 
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Your array is 5 ints. You're trying to assign a Players_DB into it, which won't work - square peg in a round hole.

You can store objects inside arrays; but the array has to be of the correct type.

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Your array is 5 ints.

That wasn't the case earlier before some edits (see post history).


Currently, the problem is was Kylotan was saying.

In the earlier versions you had, the problem was that you attempted to assign the entire instance to -1, instead of accessing each member of that instance. 

I.e. with the previous code you would probably want something like

Arr_Players_DB[i].player_id = -1;
//similar for the other entries.

Alternatively, the class could have a function to initialize the instance, potentially with some parameters if you need them.

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