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[PC] VSC (Virtual SlotCars) - As real as it can get! Now on [Steam Early Access]

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Hi everyone,
so here we are again with yet another announcement... Virtual SlotCars has just released on STEAM Early Access! Not only that, our Alpha Demo can still be downloaded from the link provided at out KickStarter page here so grab it now and try it out, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Please visit our steam store page in the link below, we are hoping for more great reviews! The current small community have been extremely positive and supportive, we would love you to join us. See you there!


This thread is a continuation of our first announcement thread

%5BSteam%5D%5BPC%5D VSC (Virtual SlotCars) - As real as it can get! %5BDemo%5D & %5BKickstarter%5D imminent.

which is now deprecated and closed.

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Hello again all :),

we are playing a bit of catch up here with the past VSC updates on steam early access, so here they are!

VSC alpha build updates #1

Build #1881972
VSC rev
Fixed missing track and cars in race: Texture bug

Build #1886424
VSC rev
Fixed orphaned checkbox in Track Editor
Added .\readme.txt and .\doc\User_Manual_And_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf files

Open for discussion here

VSC alpha build updates #2

Build #1901995
VSC rev
Added players' names on podium
Fixed camera sinking into track in camera car mode
Fixed overlapping messages when changing cameras mode
Updated .\doc\Import_Your_Car_Body_Into_VSC.pdf file

Build #1918957
VSC rev
Enabled "Full roadside" option in track editor
Fixed invalidation of session file when removing custom trackset

Open for discussion here

VSC alpha build updates #3

Build #1951443
VSC rev
Rigel engine fixes and optimizations

Build #1934957
VSC rev
Enabled restore current camera default settings by pressing [R]
Fixed chase camera default position

Open for discussion here

New VSC content on the way!

Hello again everyone,
we are delighted to announce that our latest fictitious LMP1 car body content addition is nearing completion, stay tuned for updates!


A Le Mans Prototype (LMP) is the type of sports prototype race car used in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, FIA World Endurance Championship, WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, European Le Mans Series and Asian Le Mans Series. Le Mans Prototypes were created by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO).

All the best, VSC team :)

VSC alpha build updates #4

Build #1984708
VSC rev
Migration to Steamworks SDK 1.41
Enabled mouse capture when pointer outside of window for track editor camera
Enabled alternative lane rotation options in practice and race sessions
Enabled practising with no AI opponents in singleplayer mode – Practise only must be selected
Enabled Phase 1 of update to assist gamepad control - Reduced drag force
Added Speedtrack Kampen NL 6 lanes track (thanks to Hans van Ginkel)
Added Dutch translation (thanks to Hans van Ginkel)

Build #1968366
VSC rev
Fixed AI garaging at race start
Fixed invalid first lap time

Open for discussion here 

VSC Prototype sneak peek - August 1st Release!

We wanted to share a sneak peek of our new Prototype body in WIP Dev Camo (super secret stuff :P ) due for release on 1st August. It will be available in three types, single, dual, and tri-colour. These final bodies will be revealed, minus the camo (it's not for release, just fun), closer to the day ;) We hope you like it!


VSC alpha build updates #5

Hi all - we have a BUMPER update for you today!
We have addressed some key issues that users have brought to our attention, and implemented them as new features and changes.

You can now race on tracks in MP without having all lanes populated, gamepad driving is easier with increased drift angle offering better acceleration when exiting corners and less chance of de-slot, and we have published our first User manual for creating your very own personal tracksets, not to mention our new Prototype body is here :) See below!

Build #2002823
VSC rev
Fixed "NO_OPPONENTS" text translation
Enabled multiplayer mode with empty lanes
Removed countdown and automatic start of multiplayer events
Increased chassis drift angle
Added 3 variants of Prototype body
Added .\doc\Create_Your_Trackset.pdf file
Updated .\doc\User_Manual_And_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf file

See you on the track!

P.S, please keep the reviews coming, we need MOAR! ;)

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Two more updates guys, and multiplayer numbers are rising finally!
VSC alpha build updates #6

Build #2020240
VSC rev
Rigel Engine - renderer optimizations
Fixed invalid lane radius on left corners in AI computations
Fixed player names visibility toggling for client in multiplayer mode
Enabled in-race gamepad settings, per track, per lane
Enabled local player red arrow at every round start

Open for discussion here

VSC alpha build updates #7

Build #2030398
VSC rev
Rigel Engine - renderer optimizations
Fixed lap counting for client in multiplayer mode
Fixed kerbs uv mapping
Increased max table side length to 20 meters
Added German translation (thanks to Hans van Ginkel)
Updated .\doc\Create_Your_Trackset.pdf file

P.S. Please keep the reviews coming, each one helps VSC!

Open for discussion here

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Another two updates people!  :)

VSC alpha build updates #8

Ahoj everyone!
Our latest update fixes several larger issues such as Steam Screenshots (black screen) & In-Home Streaming (green screen), Broadcasting, start up failures on certain machines, one incorrect OpenGL identification and increases overall compatibility mode in general. Then there are modding tools fixes, and AI improvements. Thanks to all who are submitting bug reports with their log files, it makes our life much easier to identify and remedy such problems – keep them coming!

We are also incredibly heartened seeing interest shown by the community in the modding potential of VSC, and we are really looking forward to seeing some body creations, so get modelling guys! :) The sooner the tools are tested, the sooner we can fix any potential bugs found with them.

In other news, we are currently working on a fairly large update at the moment regarding the AI, it's very exciting, so stay tuned. Finnish language localisation is half way there, the Steam store page was updated to include Czech, and VSC has endeared itself to a popular Youtuber who will hopefully be making some “Let's play” videos soon ;)

If you have not written a review yet, and feel you have something to say, then please get writing. We need more reviews to help shape VSC and spread the word!

Build #2075205
VSC rev
Rigel engine - Fixed Steam Overlay screenshots and home streaming
Rigel engine - Fixed OpenGL version detection
Fixed kerbs uv mapping on extremities of straight parts for non symmetrical textures
Fixed random initial lane
Fixed randomization of AI car parts integrity and additional weight

Build #2033045
VSC rev
Fixed German translation
Fixed kerbs uv mapping on curve parts for non symmetrical textures

Open for discussion here

See you on the track!

VSC alpha build updates #9

Build #2111337
VSC rev
Added best time/best lap count highlight in standings screen
Fixed texture filenames management in multiplayer mode
Modified logic to assign coins
Modified logic to assign experience
Modified logic to assign win points
Reduced minimum race round duration to 1 minute
Adjusted centrifugal and drag forces acting on cars
Enabled customization of brake on keyboard and on gamepad
Modified AI driving algorithm
Added Finnish translation (thanks to Michael Eklöf)

Open for discussion here

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Steam Achievements are on the way!

We have just published our first list of Steam Achievement candidates for VSC, and the topic is now open for discussion. Why not head on over for a look, we'd love to hear from you :) The sooner we sign off on them the sooner they will be in game!

See you there!

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Another two updates from steam early access for you. :)

"Let's play" Videos, Steam Achievements, and more!

Ahoj everyone!
We have some exciting news for you!

FailRace, a very popular Youtube Gamer and Reviewer, has made a great "Let's play" video of VSC which has received over 11,600 views in the past week. The video was very well received and many people are asking for him to continue on and make a series which we would love to see! It could be something to exposé all the latest and greatest additions to VSC and to measure how well the game is being received and viewed to better guide our progress. If you want to have FailRace make more VSC videos, one way to influence that is to click the like button next to those youtube viewers that have asked the same thing in the comments section, there are a quite few requests there already, or write your own!

" rel="external">FailRace_VSC_Youtube_video_01.png

The final Steam Achievement Candidates have now been posted and we are getting ready to publish. Now is the time to speak up on the forums about them if you have something to say, we would welcome any input. Below is a mock up showing how some of them will look in Steam.


VSC has seen a 66% boost in average player time versus August 2017. This is proof that more people are playing and enjoying VSC, and hopefully it will result in more multiplayer matches taking place. We are thinking about creating a discord server for easier coordination and communication between players for organising matches - tell us what you think!


Our forums are looking a little empty recently, why not join up and speak your mind, show your works or share your ideas and experience, and help us make VSC better. Please join up at the forums. We will hopefully be adding a Modding download section soon so people can share their creations easier.

See you on the track...

VSC alpha build updates #11

Ahoj again!

We have another update for VSC which caters to the requests of some players and some new refinements for out-of-track physics, which should really alter how you burst past de-slotted cars, more caution will now be needed ;).

Build #2167271
VSC rev
Removed any jitter for out of track cars.
Adjusted parameters for out of track car collision. Travelling cars feel collision much more, they can even de-slot because of it.
Player can now setup controller/view controller settings during round start (semaphore countdown)

In case you missed it, we also received a great “Let's play” video made by FailRace on Youtube, and our Steam Achievements are almost done, more details can be found here!  8)

P.S. Please keep the reviews coming!

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We have more updates!

Are you ready to achieve?!

Steam achievements, 1st instalment, are almost here!  


VSC alpha build updates #12

Hello everyone!

We have a great update for you today. More bug fixes including a corrected spin-off angle for de-slotting cars which now looks WAY better, and a major fix which allows for Coin and EXP to be added correctly after a multiplayer session which was broken after rev update (oh the shame). We've also added more features such as a dynamically sized Podium that can accommodate cars of all sizes, Audio settings control over 2d and 3d sound respectively, four new Static camera racing views for those who prefer to not have the camera follow the car, and a modding update that caters to unique UV mapping for custom kerbs, allowing for more control over their textures (documentation updated also). On top of all this, Steam Achievements are finally here!

Build #2185337
VSC rev
Adjusted cars' deslot physics
Modified kerbs' uv mapping
Podium view adapted to cars size
Enabled separated settings for 2D and 3D sounds
Added Steam achievements
Changed background images
Added four new static cameras around the track
Fixed assignement of coins and experience in multiplayer mode
Updated .\doc\Create_Your_Trackset.pdf file

P.S. We really need more reviews, keep them coming!


Cheers Zay

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We have just released our updated VSC Demo on Itchio! If you haven't tried VSC, grab it now :)


And we've published another update  ;)

Rubber tyres are now nice and shiny, Kerbs UV updates to help track modding, and Garage and Inventory icons get small update.

Build #2204341
VSC rev
Fixed uv map on curves' kerbs
Modified materials on rims and rubber tires
Modified procedural icons generation

Plus, a sneak peek at what we are working on next!


Help us spread the word, we are listening to and acting on all feedback, so please comment, either here, on itchio or Steam forums.

Cheers Zay

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Hello again everyone, we've been busy making changes based on your feedback.

We've reduced the default race round duration from 7 mins to 5 mins (you can still race for longer if you want), it means, in a nutshell, that you will gain more coin for any race that is now 5 mins round duration or less, making it easier to buy new parts! Coin titbits are also added to your purse each time you start VSC on a new day as well ;). You can now navigate to any position and any camera view in the editor 3D view to inspect your work-in-progress track design and ensure your bridge height and track alignment is looking correct, just press F2 then use Left ["A"] right ["D"] forward ["W"] back ["S"] up ["Q"] and down ["Z"] along with the modifiers, fast["SHIFT"] slow ["CTRL"], right click mouse + drag to relocate the camera, and ["R"] to reset your camera to default centre. Larger track designs in the editor 3d view should now have no problem being completely seen since we increased the constrained camera view. And we've fixed some lesser bugs which we found ourselves.

Build #2282085
VSC rev
Fixed formula models. Axle placement varied between models.
Default race round duration reduced to 5 minutes.
Added free camera mode to track editor 3D view.
Increased max radius for constrained camera in track editor 3D view. Larger tracks should now have no problem being completely seen.
Fixed z-fighting artifacts in track editor 3D view
Fixed body collision geometry after detail change (Sometimes the collision detail didn't change)
Fixed elevation textures when changing full roadside option in track editor

Meanwhile, work continues on our Environment Assets feature :) below you can see more custom barriers work done, these ones transferred from the host to the client during multiplayer!


Work on barrier collision geometry...

Barriers in the store...


Cheers Zay


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Ahoj everyone!

We've been working hard on the Environment Parts feature for VSC, and now we are ready to give you all a preview of what is to come – we hope you enjoy the video. Don't forget to comment in the forums!

" rel="external">4f833f548393c9ff3daea51be887e52191b42bfd

We've also updated the videos on the store page to include this one, in case you were wondering ;)

Edited by Zayfod

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