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[iOS] [Android] My First Game: Emojis in Space

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^__^ Hello Indie Gamers, I'm Finley! ^__^


Over the past year and a half I learned to code and created my first game, Emojis in Space.

I created the game in Flash using AS3, and was able to port the game to iOS, Android, Desktop, and (recently) Amazon Fire. I created all the music \ sfx in GarageBand. I used an open source library of emojis from for a lot of the enemy graphics, and all other graphics (save the title screen logo) I created myself in Animate.

I hoped to capitalize on that very few action emoji games exist, and that, as a further-differentiating factor, I opted not to have any advertisements in my game.

Emojis in Space is a fast-paced shooter set in the reaches of deep space. The evil Boss Kitty has taken control of a local galaxy and it's up to Clyde Panther to blast through the countless waves (actually 12) of emojis and reach the final battle. The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands!

- Screenshots -







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Website: http://EmojisIn.Space

- Feedback Details -

Is the game even fun? I am struggling to get it off the ground at all and I can't tell if the game is even interesting to people. There's a lot I could add to it, but the code is pretty jammed up from "learning as I go." I think an immediate sequel (Emojis in Space 2) would be a fresh start where I could redo everything from a new perspective. Or, should I call this sunk cost and move on to my next game? I am new to every aspect of this process and would sincerely appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Thank you greatly for your time,

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