Web/Mac based Heightmap generators?

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I'm having trouble finding a heightmap generator compatible with MacOS lately.  At one point, I found a heightmap generator that would generate a completely random heightmap based on the specifications I ask for (i.e. Width and height), and it worked from a webpage, and would output a .bmp file that I could use.  I can't seem to find it anymore.  It's been a while though.

So, any other recommendations on building heightmaps?  It doesn't need to be the greatest, but generate relatively decent heightmaps, ideally in grayscale.  I've been googling for days, haven't found anything yet.  Any ideas?  Thanks.


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You can use the Compositor module of Blender to generate an image based on any sort of combination of procedural textures you may think of.

It's available for Mac and you wouldn't have to mess with 3D, just textures and the compositor.

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