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moeen k

Unity need simple example on unity google play services api to save player state and proggress

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moeen k    1432

I just read google play services documentation on GitHub in

but I think documentation is not practical for good implementation. can you give me some basic amount of code to show how it works? it seems it has a key value strcture and key is named metadata and value can be parsed from array of received bytes.

thank you for helping me.

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frob    44972

What specifically are you having difficulty with?

For a basic amount of code, they provide six examples that start with a simple authentication and progress through some rather complex topics.  What part of that code are you struggling with? They've got examples right there to show you exactly how it works.

For the docs not being practical, in order to help we need to know what you are struggling with. Not practical in what way? They are not a tutorial on basic services, if you're at the point in your skills that you are writing games needing online services then you should already be fairly experienced with using this type of service.

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