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GERMAN translator/copywriter looking for interesting projects

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I'm new here, this is my first thread, so hello everyone! :)

I'm a copywriter from Germany looking for interesting projects to build up my portfolio and to help indie game developers raising their audience.

I can help you out with complete German localization based on an original English text or translation, proofreading of existing German texts, and even German audio support (speaking and singing voice, male or female; audio sample on demand).

I’m not a professional localization manager, but my talent lies in producing complex German texts in speech and writing—poetic or to the point, narrative or direct discourse, grammatically and orthographically exact—conforming to your pattern.

You can find every single information about me on my website. This thread is for my portfolio, so we will work as a team, not contractor. You can ignore the prices you will see there. http://www.textknappin.de/indie-game-development/ (The mobile version isn't perfect yet, please be merciful :))

Ideally email me: CNEUMANN@TEXTKNAPPIN.DE or write me some lines here.

Best wishes,


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