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Looking for a 2D Artist for a an almost (70-80%) done game

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I have been working for quite sometime on a prototype slowly reaching near a solid state. Everyone that has played the game so far had a positive experience. I kept working on the game till it is soon ready for release, the core gameplay is there already. It is almost 70-80% done.

So far I have been working with boxes and nothing but boxes and I feel it is time to bring someone on board to handle art with me. It is what the game is primarily lacking right now.

At the moment the game is planned for mobile with a beta release on Play Store then final release on there, focus all the marketing there for a while then jump onto iOS when we make enough money to cover the iOS yearly cost. At the same time I am planning to do a beta release over GameJolt to see if we can get a broader audience interested in the game. I am trying to push on marketing the game but with no art, there isn't a lot to show that could interest players.

Anyway, it is a simple 2D arcade game with an actiony feel. I am looking for an 2D (vector) artist that can make abstract minimalist art (think Thomas Was Alone and Graceful Explosions for example). I have ton of reference material for you and a bit of a specific theme. I'd like that we don't copy a style but rather generate one (that is still minimalist) for this game.

I am fully dedicated to the development. of the game and I tend to have quite a few deadlines (sometimes to catch Feedback Friday or Screenshot Saturday and sometimes I have deadlines related to competitions). It is essential that you understand that these are deadlines that we should meet. Some we can just miss (like for example Feedback Friday) since there will be another one the following week, but some we can't just afford to miss (like the competition). 

If you are interested and like to know more please PM with a link to your portfolio, timezone and what is the preferred method of communication. 

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    • By NfiniT
      Hello!  Our team is a searching for a 2D Artist looking to add a title (whether the first one, or one of many) to his portfolio, with the opportunity to pursue a long-term partnership.
      Position & Responsibilities:
      Our team is looking for a 2D Artist to help produce finalized art assets from our current concepts and help finish our current working prototype.  This includes various stylized cartoon characters, level components/objects, background art, and possible UI elements.  The entire team can either provide you the concept art, or let you have extended creative freedom, it's up to you--whichever you feel is better suited for your process.
      Also, although this is not a requirement, if you want to expand your skill-base, you can dabble in the other aspects as well, be it animation, programming, design, narrative, etc.
      Project Description:
      Our project is titled Stanley and the Clocktower Caper, and is a casual 2D platformer with a puzzle element and child-friendly combat.  Our goal is a funny, relaxing experience that intentionally does not take itself seriously.
      Set in the steam-punk styled town, our protagonist Stanley (a sloth), is a local tinkerer and keeper of the town's clocktower.  The town and clocktower have been invaded (story-related reasoning) and are swarming with spiders who've gummed up the cogs with webs, removed gears and all-around caused chaos.  Stanley must make his way down, out of the clocktower, which will require unclogging gears, finding missing pieces to levers, switches, gear-trains, etc.  While all of this is a tall order, thankfully Stanley is an avid consumer of Slothbux, a particularly caffeinated brand of coffee which gives Stanley quite the pick-me-up (how else do you think a sloth manages to be a tinkerer and get so many odd things done!? ) and allows him to accomplish some feats of speed, agility and strength not normally attainable otherwise!
      This game will consist of Stanley escaping the tower, which is apparently going to be a pretty big tower for such a little sloth!  It must have a lot of clocks...  Pending good reception on release (this is discussed below), we would happily consider a follow-up adventure.
      Release & Other Business Stuff:
      We'll be releasing on PC, and are targeting a July release--it is an admittedly small window, but a lot of the functionality already exists and we've got a realistic perception of what we're capable of as a small team and have kept the scope of our project focused accordingly.  Distribution channel is not finalized, though the most obvious and likely candidates are Steam and Itch.io.  Price-point of the final product is TBD.
      You will be included in the rev-share, and of course that's regardless of whether you fill the role and leave or decide to stay with us for future titles.
      There are currently four of us, you will be the fifth.
      1) (Me) Our resident programmer, and dabble in both concept art & Design. 
      2) Our producer (handles scheduling, keeping things organized and on task), who also handles animation & dabbles in design.
      3) Our lead designer (story, level layout, etc.), who also does a bit of concept art
      4) Our sound engineer, who is also using the opportunity to learn a bit of programming.
      Links to Stuff:
      Working prototype--https://iconoclast209.itch.io/stanley
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      Thank you for your time!
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      Hello. I
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    • By revolverolver
      First time working in 3D. Not as difficult as I thought it would be although I am pretty much a complete beginner in Blender. I chose the low poly style because I like how it looks and it is a lot easier than trying to make it look realistic.
      The gameplay is pretty much all physics driven which makes it feel satisfying to play. If it looks any fun then please check it out. I could really use a review or two.
      Here are some promo codes so that you don't have to pay a dime to download it: 
      App store link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flip-trickster/id1351027839?l=en&mt=8
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