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Do not Know where to Find Sample Code

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Working on a VB2010 Project requiring use of a ListView Control.  I can fill a multi Column Grid with the correct Information.  Show and Hide The List.

I Can Transfer Selected Items from the List to complete the other TextBox Controls.  Now what I can not do, or find how to do is this:

I have a Textbox That when Typed in Opens the ListView Control displaying all current Items. What I want to do is, As typing in the textBox I want to Highlight matching items in the First Column.

Example : TextBox = Ca, I want to find and highlight the First Ca in the Listview Control.

I have Searched online forums and can Only find the basics.   Intellisence is a good sample of what I am Wanting to do.

Can anyone provide me with a sample code or Tell me where to look ?

I realize this is not a gaming question !  But I believe this is where I may get the appropriate Response.

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