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Set up Opengl 3.3+ GLEW SDL2.0.5 mingw-w64

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I created this a short while back hope it helps some of you.
This tutorial shows how to install code blocks, mingw-w64, SDL2, Compile GLEW 2.0, and get a basic opengl 3.3 through 4.5 program running.
Bat file used to compile GLEW
http://www.grhmedia.com/glew/compile.64.bat    64bit
http://www.grhmedia.com/glew/compile.bat   32bit
The project
Precompile glew for 64 bit mingw
http://www.grhmedia.com/glew/glew-2.0.0-mingw-w64.zip  64bit
http://www.grhmedia.com/glew/glew-2.0.0-mingw.zip           32bit
The larger project with triangle


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