Tabletop-Inspired RP Game - Searching for a Programmer Versed in Multiplayer Networking to Join Team

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Hey everyone.

Our team is working on creating an online RPG that functions like a persistent tabletop game - like DnD. Players are given the chance to make a character that makes sense in the confines of the setting, and then write - or "RP" - interactions with other players as the main form of gameplay. They earn levels and points to put into skills and stat points based on how well they write and how dangerous or significant their interactions are in-character, to promote interesting play and good quality. Through this, players drive their own plot and are given the freedom to live in player-run kingdoms, rob other players, become knights to hunt down player antagonists, or simply write the story of an engaging person. Once a character dies, it's gone forever. Everything "important" that other online games leave to NPCs that belt out stale one-liners would be filled by players, meaning player-controlled kings, player antagonists, and player heroes "run the plot" of this RPG, delivering an actual living, breathing world with diverse characters - because they're created and controlled by real people.

We're building this game 2D, in unity, and we're looking for someone to work with our other programmer to build core systems - particularly our multiplayer system. If you're interested and have experience with multiplayer networking in Unity, or database management skills, then PM us on discord at Allisae#2791, or send me an email at

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