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Lazer Cops - Neon Buddy Coop Bullet Hell [PC][MAC][LINUX]

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Hey everyone. I'm proud to announce the release of our second game, LAZER COPS.

Lazer Cops

Lazer Cops is a retro bullet hell for up to four buddy cops. Grab your favourite buddies and sit down on the couch for some quality cooperative game-play or play alone and test your multi-tasking. Lazer Cops is a bullet hell with a twist - players are connected by a LAZER TETHER. The best way to destroy enemies is to wrap your LAZER TETHER around them, then watch them explode into pieces. The bad news is that this tether also chains you to the other players. Oh, and if one you dies, you ALL die. Better cooperate. Or else. Who exactly are you fighting? Doesn't matter.

Players: 1-4, local multiplayer

Platforms: PC/Linux/Mac

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We’re the Foolish Mortals, a small indie game studio based in the frigid wastelands of Saskatchewan, Canada.
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