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I'm working on a new non-destructive 3D generation tool and I would love to get some feedback. I'm looking for people to try my program, and in exchange, I will give the final product for free to everyone whose feedback has been significant.

Proc3D is a different 3D modelling software: instead of being based on polys, it is based on bodies that can be mixed together with powerful boolean operators. It is completely non-destructive and I hope you find it easy to use.

Of course, not everything is perfect. In fact, the current status of the program is a pre-alpha. You can expect these: bugs (it doesn't usually crash, but many bugs are present), lack of features, horrible exporter (exporting to a triangle mesh is critical, but now, the quality of the output is unacceptable). I will also release updates before the final version, so you can expect to get a more useful version of the program before that.

So, if you want to be an early adopter and collaborate with me send me an email to or send me a private message here with your email.



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    • By Jan Haas
      I just found out about It's a shader language and accompanied by a library that is supposed to make it easier to work with modular shaders.
      What do you think about that? 
      Here is the paper that describes the concept:
      Thanks in advance
    • By BG109
      Hi guys!
      I would really appreciate some feedback and advice from you guys on the game I'm developing
      The game I'm working on is a 2D ARPG single/multiplayer using my own custom engine which is a 2D OpenGL engine inC++.
      The game have two distinct areas: outdoor world environments and dungeons. Right now I have reached a point where I'm starting to feel quite satisfied with the outdoor environments but the dungeons feel very lacking right now. Whereas the outdoor environments have at-least somewhat of a depth feeling to them the dungeons just feel... flat...
      I am not sure how to improve the graphics in the dungeon areas to get a bit more depth and/or vivid feeling. Outdoor was easier as I could play a bit with sun-shadows and parallaxing but I cant quite use that in the dungeons which is causing problems.
      I have posted a few images below on both the outdoor world and the dungeons for comparison as well as a small update trailer if you want to just get a feeling for the current dynamics of the game. Any feedback or ideas on how to improve upon the dungeons would be greatly appreciated. This is the first real game I have developed so I'm sure you guys have a lot of ideas I haven't really though about yet
      Best Regards BG109

      Trailer/Update Video:
    • By CSharpCoder
      I am a lone programmer looking for a pixel artist for a 2D action RPG (more like some RPG elements) inspired by games like Dark Souls (but still with original ideas and game mechanics). The game will revolve around an engaging combat-system, environmental story telling, a few characters who in turn has great depth and personality (they will have personal goals that are more important to them than their usefulness to the player).
      I haven't decided on the rest as I want us to design the game together. In this project, you will play as much a role in decision-making as I will and you will receive 50% of any potential profits. I was thinking of making a Kickstarter, but that depends on your opinion and financial situation.
      Now, I cannot stress this point enough, we will be partners. I'm not just looking for someone to do what I tell them, I want your opinion ideas and I want to have discussions about the game. All I have right now is the concept and my engine and skill set. The setting, story, and lore of the game are still to be decided as well as a ton more. 
      I do have an idea for a game mechanic, which involves a handful of weapons to change between instantly much like in an FPS you change between weapons with the 0-9 digits on your keyboard. These weapons can be combined to defeat enemies and unlock different parts of the game. But that's just a possible idea, it depends on your opinion.
      I have made an engine for this game on top of the MonoGame framework using the programming language C# that I have a lot of experience with. I have also created a small example level of what we could make with the engine using art from the game "Chasm".  
      We can easily place tiles and colliders using the tile map editor "Tiled"

      The Tiled files will be imported to Unity where you can place enemies as well as backgrounds, objects and generally sprites not limited to a tile size (I'm pretty sure Unity also allows import of photoshop files). When saving the scene it will produce a small .level file containing only the data we need from the Unity scene (I have complete control of the content of these files). These files can be placed in the MonoGame folder to allow the game to load them and use them.

      As for animations, I have made an animation editor for Unity that allows you to select a sprite, a delay until next frame, and colliders for each frame. When saving the scene all animations will be saved to a single .anim file that can be placed in the MonoGame folder to allow the game to read the animations.

      Don't worry if this all seems overwhelming, I will explain in further detail and guide you through it if you decide to partner up with me. If you want to focus mainly on the pixel art that's fine too. Generally, I understand that you need to eat and since you won't get paid at least until a potential Kickstarter I realize you probably have a job, or school to think of besides this just like me, so I don't expect you to work full time, or even as much as I do.
      Later on, I can even make tools for you if you have any requests.
      We will share the animation editor and level editor over Unity collaboration and communicate over Slack unless you have any other preference. Although I do prefer communication in text form since it allows me to express myself concisely, not have to think about my surroundings, think about what I will reply and read previous conversations.
      Now as promised from the title here is the demonstration of the engine and results of the tools as well as a demonstration of my capabilities. I do not own any of the art and nothing is final in terms of gameplay and the art will not appear in the final product of course. 
      You only have one attack in the demo and I have disabled the stamina system since I'm not sure if we should have that in the game. The enemies are too aggressive since they have no attack cooldown they keep swiping at you (not really an example of the engaging combat-system I was talking about, would be nice with some more moves for both the player and enemies). The cave troll has an exploit where you can just stand inside of it and it can't hit you, this problem which is mainly for large enemies could be solved by extending the attack collider, or adding some kind of AOE attack when the player gets too close like a slam attack. Also, the cave troll has no walking animation. 
      The UI is really barebone and really just placeholder, but it gets the job done. You can open up the menu with "Escape" or "Start" on the controller and set stuff like keybindings and even sound effect and music volume (even though there is no sound or music yet). We are going to need a sound designer in the near future.
      You can reload the level with the "R" key on the keyboard.
      You can fall through platforms by jumping while crouching.
      You can push the explosive crates around and drop them on enemies for massive damage. They also explode when hit with a weapon.
      The red lines are the colliders, the gray lines are the colliders bounding boxes.
      I have attached the demo to this post, but the demo can also be downloaded here: 
      The idea was to get this game through Steam Direct and sell it for something like 10$. I will, of course, pay the fee for entry. This isn't a get rich quick scheme, I just want to create a game that I can be proud of and would play myself and it will require the same kind of hard work that I have done to get here in the first place. I will not give up as long as there is hope for the project.
      If this peaked your interest and/or you have any questions you can contact me on my email:
      Thank you for reading this
    • By MarcusAseth
      I think shouldn't be far from true to say that often beginners feel lost and don't know the best way to improve their skills, especially if they are self-thaught in wathever they are learning, being it 2D, 3D, Programming or wathever. There could be many obstacles and pitfall to learning, it could be that since one is begginner he/she doesn't realize that the scope of his project is just too big, or maybe one can't come up with a good story/gameplay for his life so lack the motivation to even attempt doing anyting on his own, and maybe one is stuck in a situation where would like to have the story/gameplay aspect figured out by someone better at it (by joining a team) but lack the technical skill to join said team and has an hard time gaining said skill because is not in a team to begin with.
      So I thought, something that can help beginners grow faster is something I saw in other communities around the web, which is friendly competitions.
      The ones I know of are mostly 2D-3D related, for instance "Bi-Monthly CHARACTER ART Challenge" and "Monthly Environment Art Challenge", or "Character of the Week", "Creature of the Week", "Environment of the Week".
      Of course there are many more of this challenges I would like to see come into existence related to programming and game engines, for instance challenges in making certain games (see usual tetris/pong but also something more unique and specific, given some guidelines) and challenges like "Create a Water shader in Unreal Engine", or "Create a water ripple particle effect" and so on.
      The cool thing about this is that begginner could compare each other works (professional hopefully join in the challenge as well) and see how the best resoult where obtained, with everyone focusing/researching on the same task and learning from the best examples. This stuff is not far from something like school exercise from my point of view, therefore something invaluable for self-taught beginners who are at higher risk of getting lost by lack of direction.
      And here's twist on the subject, by joining and completing the current challenges one would get "achievments" or "medals" that are visible in his profile and under his avatar, as a cool way to improve his rep and keep the community active
      This is the kind of place I would like to see, where one join, check the current challenges list and decide to join in and learn something new  or improve on the subject during that day/week. Also often I open the forum and there are no new topic that need to be replied, therefore this would keep us all busy in the free time
      Of course, maybe this sounds fun on digital paper but could end up not working, I have no idea if this stuff can work smoothly on sites that have less than a certain treshold of traffic, and it also require the time from someone actively creating this challenges content.
      Well anyway, I think it is worth thinking about it, let me know what do you think
    • By Tristan Richter
      I am trying to implement status effects in my game but I have not quite been able to get the hang of it. Do you have to make a large number of classes for different kinds of status effects? Or is it possible to do it with just 1, or a small number of classes?
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