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Proc3D pre-alpha - free licenses for early adopters

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I'm working on a new non-destructive 3D generation tool and I would love to get some feedback. I'm looking for people to try my program, and in exchange, I will give the final product for free to everyone whose feedback has been significant.

Proc3D is a different 3D modelling software: instead of being based on polys, it is based on bodies that can be mixed together with powerful boolean operators. It is completely non-destructive and I hope you find it easy to use.

Of course, not everything is perfect. In fact, the current status of the program is a pre-alpha. You can expect these: bugs (it doesn't usually crash, but many bugs are present), lack of features, horrible exporter (exporting to a triangle mesh is critical, but now, the quality of the output is unacceptable). I will also release updates before the final version, so you can expect to get a more useful version of the program before that.

So, if you want to be an early adopter and collaborate with me send me an email to david@raiselandsoft.com or send me a private message here with your email.



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