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Rendering 3D things into a dialog created by resedit

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Hi buddy,

I remember I created a formview or something before, but this time, resedit doesn't have a formview to create?

I meant I can create a square (looks like a formview thing) inside the dialog, cannot really remember exactly

Basically, no mfc's to use

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DX9 attaches to an HWND during its setup. All of the controls in your window, as well as the window itself, will have an HWND. If you want to render into a square in that window then put some kind of control in the area where you want to draw and hand the HWND of that control to DX9.

Refer to D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS and device creation.

Since you're using resedit you may need this:

Although, if memory serves, you can just set the ID of the target control manually in resedit and then just use GetDlgItem with that ID.

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