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[revshare] Mankind Reborn - MMORPG - Recruiting!

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Mankind Reborn is a first- and third-person sci-fi MMORPG set in a dark cyberpunk future where life is cheap and corporations fight for power and resources on Earth and the far Frontier. Eight player run factions compete in the political and economic arenas. The proud defenders of the Terran Union, the Terran Defense Corps and Civil Protection Commission struggle to contain the tide of lawlessness and to protect humanity from the mysterious Xenos threat. Corporations beyond compare, North Star Mining, Avalon Enterprises and the Oda Zaibatsu, follow the only line that really matters, the bottom line. Deviants, anarchists and mercenaries, the Syndicate, the Followers of Eternity and the Military Affiliates Group, work from the shadows, preying on citizen and corporation alike – some seeking to collapse the Union others to make a quick buck. Choose your path, follow your destiny, earn your place among Mankind Reborn...





  • Persistent Universe. Your actions have a lasting effect within the game world, even when you log off.
  • Play How YOU Want. Factions are given the tools required to enjoy ultimate freedom and pursue their goals.
  • Player-Controlled Economy. Mankind Reborn features a completely player-controlled economy. Purchase from and sell to other players on the Global Markets or build a brand and start a shop. Every item in the game is made by another player.
  • Player vs. Player. Enjoy a hardcore, addicting combat system where every second counts and full open PVP combat creates consequences that ripple throughout the game. Whether you can kill your enemy however is up to you.
  • Player vs. Environment. Fight against adept machines or Xenos as they threaten Mankind.
  • Political Desires. The game features a complex government system where anyone can rise the ranks and even become President of the Terran Union.
  • Top-Notch Graphics. Unreal Engine offers a wide variety of graphical options, allowing us to create beautiful environments for you.


Reveal Trailer:


We are currently looking for a 3D Modeler and Concept Artist to join our staff team. We currently have five game writers who are doing an excellent job at writing the game lore, one community manager (me) to manage a solid community (two weeks public and 133 members on the forums and 286 people in our Discord), one backend engineer, one experienced C++ developer.

The game has been in development for the past two months in spare time and we have made quite the progress! Interested? Send me an email, along with examples of your work @ gianni@mankindreborn.com

Website: Mankind Reborn - Main Website
Forums: Community


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