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[WIP] [PC] Project SBN - Super Smash Brothers Inspired Fighter

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Project SBN is a knockback-based platformer fighting game inspired by the popular franchise Super Smash Brothers, and has been developed by a small team. Starting development in 2016, they hope to push development further for a PC release sometime this year. As a long-time friend of the head developer, I'm here to spread the word about this small project before it hits its release.


Please help the indie game by following development and giving feedback on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/VAEQ4PW (Code VAEQ4PW)
Let us know how the game looks, and what you want to see from it!
We'll be releasing a demo for the public sometime in the future on our Discord and on other platforms, so stay tuned.


Down below are some gameplay test videos:


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