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PN triangle, barycentric lookup

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JoeAlter    106

Anybody know where I can find an implementation of PN Triangle code that can look up a point on a PN Triangle using barycentric coords without actually doing any tessellation?

ie - something that turns a PN triangle into a patch, and then some sort of translation from bary to patch coords?




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samoan62    120

This paper here: details a few useful ideas like how:

1. Given the 3 points and 3 normals of a PN Triangle, to generate the 7 Bezier control points. 

2. Using those points we can create a function b(u,v,w) of the curve given where for u,v,w their sum is < 1 and they are all greater than 0.

I'm not positive that this u,v,w translates directly into barycentric coordinates, but this paper should hopefully give you some useful info. 

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