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Epic Starts the Spring UE4 Jam

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Epic is kicking off their Spring UE4jam today with a livestream broadcast to Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook starting at 11am PST / 7pm GMT. Contest rules and entry requirements can be found here.

From their announcement:

The Spring UE4jam is finally here!!! Over the last two years, Epic Games has hosted the UE4jam every month. This year, we have moved to quarterly jams and now we're kicking off the very first one. Before the theme is announced, we have new, spotlights and features to check out. Stay tuned in after the announcement and check out some of the past winners of the UE4jam as Alexander plays them live!

The broadcast airs today at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT and will be streamed to twitch.tv/unrealengine, youtube.com/unrealengine and facebook.com/unrealengine. More information can be found here.

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