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Finalists for Women in Games Awards 2017 Announced

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The finalists of this year’s Women in Games Awards have been announced. Taking place on Friday, May 19th at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London, the Women in Games Awards 2017 will celebrate female talent in the games industry across eight individual awards.

This year's categories include New Development Talent, Creative Impact, Rising Star, Businesswoman of the Year, Career Mentor, eSports Contender, Outstanding Contribution and Breakthrough Talent.

Full list of the finalists:

Breakthrough Talent

Anya Elvidge – Trainee Campaign Map Artist, Creative Assembly
Jess Hider – European Community Manager for Unreal Engine, Epic Games
Naomi Kotler – Games Designer, Supermassive Games
Rosa Carbo-Mascarell – Games Lead, Creative Industries Federation
Alessia Nigretti – Professional Services, University of Sussex
Maria Fernanda Díez Huerta – Games Designer and Producer, Freelance
Sian Knight – Games Design Student, UCLan
Rachel Cabot – BossAlien / University of Bath

Career Mentor

Lizi Attwood – Technical Director, Furious Bee
Natalie Griffith – CEO, Press Space
Susie Kim – Twitch Partnerships Manager Korea, Twitch
Caroline Miller – Founder and Director, Indigo Pearl
Erin O’Brien – Culture Developer, Gram Games
Adriana Pucciano – Lead Animator, Creative Assembly
Michelle Tilley – Senior Release Engineer, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Maria Stukoff – Head of Digital, BBC
Romana Ramzan - Managing Director, DENKI

Creative Impact

Chantal Beaumont – Graphic Designer, Sumo Digital
Yasmine Altawell – Lead Facial Animator, The Imaginarium Studios
Jodie Azhar – Lead Technical Artist, Creative Assembly
Sally Blake – Associate Producer – The Division, Reflections, a Ubisoft Studio
Jessica Curry – Independent, The Chinese Room
Katie Goode – Creative Director, Triangular Pixels
Rebecca-Louise Leybourne – Facial Animator, The Imaginarium Studios
Rhianna Pratchett – Scriptwriter, Story Designer and Narrative Paramedic, Independent
Lulu Zhang – Lead Concept Artist, Creative Assembly

New Development Talent

Lucy Blundell – Game Creator, Games By Kinmoku
Lisa Burgers – Level Designer, Creative Assembly
Olivia Butler-Stroud – Environment Artist, Creative Assembly
Kate Calvin – Character Design, Animator, Voice Actor, Pewter Games Studios
Naomi Kotler – Games Designer, Supermassive Games
Mohrag Taylor – Technical Artist, Creative Assembly
Hannah McMillan – 3D Artist, Freejam

eSports Contender

Jasmine Kanunga – Counter-Strike Tournament Administrator, ESL and Multiplay
Susie Kim – Twitch Partnerships Manager Korea, Twitch
Veronique Lallier – CEO, Hi-Rez Studios
Kim Newsome – Founder/Editor in Chief, Esports Source
Claire Sharkey – Brand and Community Manager, Dingit.TV
Amy Yu – Director, Varsity Games
Petya Zheleva – Founder, SKYLLA

Business Woman of the Year

Helen Burnill – Commercial Director, Mediatonic
Angela Dickson – Commercial Director, Activision Blizzard
Veronique Lallier – Managing Director, Europe, Hi-Rez Studios
Caroline Miller – Founder and Director, Indigo Pearl
Kat Osman – Owner and Managing Director, Lick PR
Kimberley Turner – Finance Director, Double 11
Sara Grover – Head of Marketing, WB Games UK

Rising Star

Grace Carroll – Social Media Manager, Creative Assembly
Kitty Crawford – CEO, Blackstaff Games
Kirsten Cummings – Senior Marketing Associate, Double 11
Alex Moyet – Founder and Director, Amcade
Otisha Sealy – UK Project Manager, WB Games UK
Megan Garrett – Digital Distribution Administrator, SEGA Europe
Roz Tuplin – Business Development Administrator, Games London
Lucy Galloway – Editor, 110% Gaming, DC Thomson

Outstanding Contribution

Jodie Azhar – Lead Technical Artist, Creative Assembly
Noirin Carmody – Founder and COO, Revolution Software
Catherine Channon – Director of PR, Warner Bros
Tanya Laird – CEO, Digital Jam LTD
Caroline Miller – Founder and Director, Indigo Pearl

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