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Greenlight Closed, Steam Direct launches June 13

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Following recent announcements about the upcoming Steam Direct, Steam Greenlight has been officially closed for submissions.

The final batch of over 3,400 pending submissions for Steam Greenlight will be reviewed over the next week for publication to the store, whilst those who have paid the fee but not submitted a game, or whose game is rejected for publication will be able to request a refund of their Greenlight fee.

The new Steam Direct system will be opening for submissions from June 13th, 2017, at a cost of $100 per submitted title. This fee will be refunded to developers in the payment period after the game has earned $1,000. Submissions will undergo a quick review process to ensure correct configuration, ensure the content matches its description, and screen for malicious content. Developers who have not previously published on Steam will have to wait 30 days for a review of their business details, and all developers will be required to publish a "coming soon" page two weeks prior to game release to allow opportunities for the player community to spot any discrepancies the official review may have missed.

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