(realistic) post apocalyptic base building game

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I have a project that I have been working on while I learn how to program. Its been ongoing for about a year I think? Its made with C# and Monogame. Been working on it in my spare time after work. Its set in an alternate past. Where the Economic pitfall of 2008 didn't recover and society collapsed. Everything turning to chaos. You and a group of friends and family had the foresight to see it coming and headed for the wilderness in the weeks prior. Your group lives out there for five years, while the world around you plunges into anarchy. Then your group decides to return to rebuild society and thats where the game takes place. I haven't made too much progress, with work and the whole actually learning how to program thing. But I feel its coming along. I don't have any ingame screenshots but I have some sample artwork that I have made to give a feel for the style. If you are interested please contact me. Artists,Composers,Programmers anyone really. Would really like to work with someone. Feel like it would be fun and more motivation to put more time into it. You can contact me on here or email me: maxsnider93@gmail.com 




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