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Deconstructing "Clash of Clans 2: The Builder Base"

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khawk    2923

The Deconstructor of Fun blog has posted their latest design review. The blog breaks down successful free-to-play games in search of what makes them fun - or not - and this time they break down the popular mobile game Clash of Clans 2: The Builder Base by Supercell.


When the developers placed a mysterious new building on Clash of Clans bases, players were rightfully excited. The building - a capsized ship situated on the eastern shore -  was placed without context except for a small teaser video. For weeks, Supercell dripped additional clips, riling up the community which speculated wildly on what new features the vessel would unlock. But one thing was certain – that after almost 5 years since the game was released, it was getting the biggest update yet.

The breakdown looks at a comparison with the original Clash of Clans, including finding that CoC 2 is more like Clash Royale than CoC 1, followed by a look at the good design elements, the bad design elements, and the ugly - including a look at the business side of the CoC franchise.


Check out the full breakdown of Clash of Clans 2: The Builder Base from the Deconstructor of Fun blog by clicking here.

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