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Mankind Reborn - Alpha stage - Massively Multiplayer Online Action RPG sci-fi game

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Website: http://www.mankindreborn.com/

Mankind Reborn is a Cyberpunk MMO-Shooter, heavily inspired by EVE Online and Face of Mankind. Be a part of this dark/gritty cyberpunk universe where 5 factions are fighting for control of the galaxy, pick your side and shape the game. Be a policeman and fight crime or be corrupt, a criminal/drug dealer who causes havoc, a mercenary who fights for the highest paying client, a miner who gathers resources, a member of a corporation who creates and sells items to the markets, work your way up the ranks and lead a faction or just simply a civilian living day-to-day.

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For the ex-fom players:

Welcome back, this is not an official sequel, but more of a spiritual successor, I intent on recreating that old fom feeling and keeping the core gameplay that made the game so special, but giving space for the game to grow and expand to attract other players that have never played FoM before, the game will have a bit of everything for all kinds of gamers. My FoM itch grew too big, been watching videos for months now and I couldn't wait anymore so I decided take on the task of doing a FoM game by myself, I'm an experienced game developer with some indie titles under my belt, I got the time, the contacts and the motivation/passion to make this game come alive. It's being developed alongside the community, so we can bring forth that perfect FoM game that we've been craving for years, more information will be released soon!

First-Draft Design Doc (Just my ideas quickly thrown into a document, nothing here is official and can change at any time)

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F0e ... sp=sharing

More videos below! (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Strip Club Footage

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Earth Map Ambient Test

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Gameplay Mechanics

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As a little note you can go to the forums, find more information and be part of the crew, I am not any part of this team just spreading out who has played FoM,Eve. They have a discord and social media and also donations are close to $1,000! Please check them out on this hard project that they're working on donate 35 dollars to get access on Alpha stage.

PS: I'm not part of this development top just trying to grow and bring back the old and new players for this amazing development team that they're working hard on, also note you HAVE to be register on the forums and donate 35 dollars to access the Alpha stage. This thread or game might change in the future what you see might change up it's just displays. Thank you.

On the forums.

If you want to ask questions please be advise to go to our forums the team will be glad to answer for you, but I can try my best here to answer some for you guys. :)









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HOLY CRAP, I loved face of mankind and my only issue with it was the abusive staff/moderation. Thanks so much for sharing this, now I just need to divorce my wife, throw my indoor cats outside, and submit my resignation.


-Former R6 of Eurocore, and Blood council member of MOTB

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42 minutes ago, conquestorbugged said:

HOLY CRAP, I loved face of mankind and my only issue with it was the abusive staff/moderation. Thanks so much for sharing this, now I just need to divorce my wife, throw my indoor cats outside, and submit my resignation.


-Former R6 of Eurocore, and Blood council member of MOTB

Welcome a board, join the forums and join the discord chat!

That did made me laugh though.  

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They have 6 game writers! Looking for 3d modeler and Concept Artist if you're a vet or just new welcome please register on the forums which is the website for the in-game login to play the game once Alpha releases.

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