[Android][iOS][Free] Word Way - Guess what a word!

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    • By Playniax
      Hi guys,

      This will be the place where I will keep you up to date you on the latest Playniax game templates and assets.
      Most of it you can find on also.
      Some of our assets are free, some of them are not.
      For starters, I just released the game template 'keep-mining'

      After purchase you can reskin the game, change the title, design levels, change the music and monetize it anyway you like!
      And 'fair usage' support from us!
      Final builds should work on Android, iOS, HTML5, Windows and OSX!

      Play demo here:
    • By Yoga Priowibowo
      Hello guys
      We are introducing our game Jump Jump And Fall
      In this game you are help the cute box to jump every plain and collecting coin.
      Every 5 coin collected, there is a new challenging plain.
      Don't let the cute box fall down !
      =: Gameplay video :=
      Free download our game in your Android device !
    • By Justme2000
      Hi every one. Please I urgently need your advice on my project. I just finished developing my first game and I don't know what next being an amateur.. seeking advice from you guys.
    • By JocrodWallbang
      YES! This is the first in-game image!
      Is a great honour to say that!
      We are a dev team from Venezuela and this is our first game! 
      Visit our website and take a look on the feed! And visit our Facebook page!
      THANKS! Hope publish soon in this album again!
    • By MMK
      Our team, Forgotten Mines, has launched an early public beta for War to the Core. We are now seeking to form a board of gameplay designers and passionate gamers to help balance the game.
      War to the Core is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where fleets of massive warships wage tactical battles in low orbit in a struggle to control Earth's resources.
      While we are still building up the ships arsenals and weapons choices, there are already quite a few in the game today. Getting the right mix to enable good strategy and tactics without making certain builds over powered or under powered, requires a high level of creativity combined with fine level of tweaking on an ongoing basis.
      As a game play designer, you will help make the game more fun by enabling more elaborate tactics and making design suggestions to the development team as well as gain access to new ideas that will are not yet implemented, so you can provide early feedback on them. As a board, you will help tweak the properties of the game mechanics: How far can ships teleport? How strong are mines? How quickly do they explode? How wide is the impact range? How do different weapons change when they gain new levels? And so on.
      We are looking for gamers with a good understanding of game balance and a passion for game design. You don't need prior design experience, but you need a great sense of what makes games fun.
      If you are interested to join us, just get in touch.
      Official website: 
      Official app store link:
      Mailing list:
      Facebook page:
      Facebook players group:

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