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Developer looking for learning partners C# Monogame

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Hello i'm a C# .Net developer with about 6 years professional experience, looking to learn to make games using C# and Monogame. I'm fairly new to Monogame and just working my way through a few tutorials. It would be nice to have a partner(s) who are either working together on the same project or just all working through the same tutorials. We can ask questions when we get stuck, discuss game ideas, learn together. I'm open to working with people of varying skill levels, some programming experience would be preferred. But if you are brand new i'm very willing to help teach you some basics. I'd prefer to use discord to chat but am open to other options. 

My interest in games is pretty varied, and am really open to working on a variety of projects. Ideally we keep the initial projects small in scope as we learn. I'd love to build up to larger scale RPG projects, I love playing co-op games as well so ideally we spend some time learning to make networked games as well. 


Feel free to message me on here, or email me saville.rich@gmail.com. 

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