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PhilipMR    574

Hi! My name is Philip! I am a software developer with over 2 years of professional experience (not in game development) and maybe 5 years of experience with hobby game development (custom engines, unity, currently learning unreal engine 4).
I am most proficient writing code in either C++ or C#. I am also comfortable with graphics programming (linear algebra, shaders, opengl, d3d11).

It's been some time since I've tried to collaborate on a game development project as most projects in the past didn't work out due to either being overly ambitious or there being little to no insight in the workflow/how everything is coming together. I've been trying to create my own game art for projects but it's really not working out.

So here I am! I'd like to reach out to individual artists or existing development teams that would like to create a game together. I wouldn't mind joining an existing project, though I'd prefer to start on something new together. I currently have a lot of free time on my hands so I'm eager to get to work right away! 

What I'm offering:
- High quality code (well documented-, scalable- and optimized code)
- Clear communication/reliability (daily or weekly chat with progress updates)
- Technical directing (as lead programmer or for individual modules depending on the scope of the project)
(- Game/level design: I'm not very experienced in this field but I'd like to contribute; if there's room for it of course)

Some plus'es for me would be:
- You are using/willing to use Unreal Engine 4 (I'm currently learning it and would like to spend more time with it. Also the lighting is so much better than in Unity).
- You have a similar taste in games (to mention a few: Golden Sun, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Dark Souls, Earthbound, Shadow of the Colossus, Nier, Chrono Trigger)
- You currently have a lot of time to work on the project (able to produce a first prototype fast!)
- You live in a nearby timezone (GMT+1 here)

If you are interested in working together or if you have any questions; please send me PM!
Thanks for your interest!

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jamespetts    172

Hello, and welcome to!

I am not sure to what extent that this fits your preferences for game type, but it at least matches parts of your stated skillset (C++, custom engines, taking control of delivering individual projects, writing optimised code): you would be than welcome to work on Simutrans-Extended, which is an open source C++ game, being a fork from the original Simutrans.

It is a transport simulation game with a focus on economic realism. It is also capable (already) of online multiplayer gaming in a semi-persistent game environment (i.e., one that needs to be reset after circa 300 in-game years, each in-game year taking approximately 1 day of real time, taking into account that the server will pause when clients are not connected).

Being a fork of an already mature game, it is already in a fully playable state, but needs (1) some further specific coding projects to be completed before the financial aspects can be balanced; (2) the actual balancing of the financial aspects (I was anticipating doing that myself); and then (3) a number of additional (less essential) features for enhanced game play in the longer term, such as a simulation of distant, foreign destinations for ships and aircraft, a more detailed algorithm for town growth taking into account local transport and including an approximate simulation of local land value, simulation of car parking and some others. See here for a list of current projects, and here for a list of high level design goals.

Work has recently been completed to optimise the performance of the game by, amongst other methods, multi-threading some of the main simulation code, which was a challenging task in view of the facts that (1) the original Simutrans code base was written between 1997 and 1999; and (2) the game uses lockstep networking for multi-player mode, requiring the server and each client to run exactly deterministically. However, the game engine can now support very large maps in an online multiplayer environment with many thousands of vehicles.

I am currently working on one of the balance critical features with help from an inexperienced programmer who is mainly working with the UI, but it would be very helpful to have somebody to work on one of the other projects (see the list to which I link above for details).

What I am after if possible is one or more people to work semi-autonomously on one of the projects in the list linked above. You would be free to choose which project(s) that you wanted to work on and, within some limits, how to implement it. There are no fixed deadlines, but, all other things being equal, sooner is better than later.

For reference, I live in London, so I am in the same time zone as you.

Here are some screenshots:







Do let me know if you are interested, and I can help you to get started. Alternatively, if you have any questions about Simutrans-Extended, I will endeavour to answer them.

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?? ???????    119


My name is Ian. I am an artist and I've been making games for about 7 years now.

3 or 4 months ago I've started making a game with a programmer. Unfortunately we had to pause the development due to lack of experience (this project turned out to be more difficult than we expected). However I'm still full of energy to work on this project and now am looking for a programmer (or two) who if more experienced in working in a team and setting up a workflow.

The game is a top-down/isometric shooter set up in an more advanced version of 19 century. This is a tactical single player shooter with a quite unusual gameplay mechanic. I also have already formed the art style: hand painted hi-rez art in darker tones. Character will look like wooden toys, this looks interesting, in my opinion, and also allows to greatly simplify the process of animation.

As to your preferences:
- This is a 2D game so I'm not sure if there are any advantage in using Unreal Engine. We were using and engine called HaxeFlixel but I'm thinking about switching to Unity right now.

- I live in UTC+2 time zone and currently have a lot of time to work on the project.

If you are interested, please send me a private message or an e-mail ( and I will tell you more about the game and show you some graphic assets.

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MikeDev    127

If you're interested in working on a VR title in Unreal 4. We are a UK based 2 man team located in Greater Manchester working on a VR game. We are currently applying for private funding which will go into the development. It is a spare time project at the moment, but it is to change when we get funding. 

The game is in early development. It has basic interaction/gameplay, movement, concept art, look development and a vertical slice created in-engine. 

The team has 10+ years of experience working in games, primarily within art, on both AAA and Indie games. If you do not own a VR headset, there is possibility to borrow or work-to-own a headset. (If your PC reach the requirement to run VR. We are not able to sponsor a PC at this time)

If you are interested or require more details, write:

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Additional Details.

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VivAZ    0

Hey Philip,

If your still looking to create a new project let me know! I'm quite keen to create a platform game or any game to be honest. I've got a few good ideas regards to point and click adventure games etc.  

I recently bought myself a few Unity/Pixel Art/Unreal Engine courses on Udemy. So I'm looking also now searching for a project or to start one to apply my knowledge. I didn't finish my Unity/Unreal Engine course since I feel more attracted to the Pixel Art design, but I had programming in my first year so I do understand the basics of it and have developed small games in Unity before. I don't mind working in Unreal with you also since I'm also intrested in the engine. So if you are keen or still available let me know! I live in a GMT +2 time zone. So if you want we can chat and I can send you some ideas and art etc and we can get the party started since I also have a lot of time on my hands now since I'm on holiday!

Just PM me if you are keen!

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